Reflections of New York: August-September 2015

New York: August-September 2015

August 2015, at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 41st Street, just steps from the magnificent Grand Central and Rockefeller Center.

Weather sunny and warm, in the Borough of Manhattan. Despite the summer period, the dynamism of the city of New York knows no respite. At 5:00 in the morning, New York is already standing, to tell the truth it never sleeps! After a visit yesterday, at the World Trade Center and its major 9/11 memorial. Place in Scripture.

The cataclysm of the attacks of 11 September marked permanently, and for a long time, the history of the United States of America and the world. In the aftermath, G.W. Bush launched September 12, 2001, what has commonly been called total war against terrorism, extending it to the Iraq of Saddam Hussain, two years after the invasion of the Afghanistan. This crusade, after the destruction of the Iraq, shook the Middle East and bore the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, today. This is the most serious consequence of the war in Iraq that few have condemned and many believe illegitimate now. It is always smarter after. Tribute to the rare courageous voice having denounced what looked like the prelude to a destabilization of the Middle East and, therefore, of the world. Thanks to Chirac and Schröder (which many experts fail to highlight the role in the company of french president), but also to their brilliant Foreign Ministers, Dominique de Villepin and Joska Fischer. The first for his famous speech of February 14, 2003, with Gaulliens accents, honoring old Europe mocked by the Donald Rumsfeld cynic, lyrically arm of G. W. Bush, and the second replicating the same Rumsfeld, before the world: "how want you convince me that yourself you do not are satisfied! It was the last time that European democracy shone, on the eve of a conflict that has marked the world and whose consequences are dramatically. Europe is almost marginalized in the US-Iran negotiations, despite the effort, paltry, Laurent Fabius to appear on photos after the real negotiations between John Kerry and Mr. Zafad Zarif, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The french Minister of Foreign Affairs does not, hesitate to mark from time to time the role of the France, to abuse the term hollow: it's a good agreement, but we remain vigilant. At his discharge, Europe uses the begayement to find a solution to the Greek crisis.

In 2003, a young Democratic Senator distinguished himself by denouncing a war that justified nor to U.S. vital interests and even less for questionable reasons of weapons of mass destruction argument advanced and repeated until the nausea by the Bush administration. It was Barak Obama, prefiguring already its ambition, coupled with intellectual probity and an exceptional oratorical talent. By this attitude, Obama has demonstrated that courage can register also and especially in the refusal of military adventure, even seem at odds with American opinion whose patriotism was acquired to the Warrior shouts of George w. Bush. This attitude has been presented, wrongly, as argument handicapping the young American black candidate against his rival Hillary Clinton was rather favorable to the arguments of the successor to her husband, to finish with Saddam Hussain. Despite the pathetic cry, ' Shame on you Obama ", the former first lady during the Democratic primary, Barak Obama was elected with the heavy challenge to translate into reality its famous slogan:"Yes we can ". By elegance or political calculation, Obama offered the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton associating it to his foreign policy during his first term. This cohabitation took place without incident, but also dull. Flat however, attacks in Bengazi and emails private ex Secretary of State could seal his new candidacy, as the American press reveals their contents.


While I sillonnais East Coast (New York, New Jersey, Washington, Etc.), the Morocco news caught me up naturally with the grotesque series of two french journalists trapped by smarter than them. Funny story! There is talk of blackmail, trap and trap (I would almost say, a trap to cons!). Journalistic ethics takes a shot, while the Kingdom is Cree victory. But beware, it is perhaps that of a history between predators! The mastersingers of the Palace had a head start and the greed of journalists did the rest. The real winners in this story are, finally, counsel for the King. They deserve the 2 or 3 million that it has removed from the mouth of the naive, and not less scrupulous, journalists. Big loser in this story: the truth. You will never know, despite recordings in the hands of justice, the mischief-makers between corruption and corrupt. It is when same curious to read one day this book make sense teach US new things in the arcana of power to the Morocco! A more.

 In the meantime, the first municipal elections after the constitution of 2011, offer a spectacle to hold the nose: money has taken hold on democracy. More seriously, we talk about the role of money in the electoral campaign. The particular drug money. The index is pointed to WFP, the party of the powerful Advisor to the King, whose president constantly hammers a slogan, on the edge of indecency: Yes we PAM! Not less. This party had taken the Ben Ali, Tunisia, system as a model before the Arab spring, symbolizes all derivatives abuse, traffic of influence and patronage. A single strategy to circumvent the democratic constraints and the demands of the street: money.

It is not surprising since this party roundup the Presidency of 5 regions on 12, with the richest, that of Casa-Mohammedia-Settat, offered its Secretary-General by a trick of legerdemain, while he lost the Town Hall of Mohammedia. And PAM, who loses wins! Behind it, unnatural alliances between politicians NIR, yet member of the Government and in principle allied with the PJD and powerful WFP. But we forgot that Michael Mezouar, Minister for Foreign Affairs and SG of NIR, most obeys the directives of the black cabinet of advisors to the ethics of government alliances. Mr. Benkirane comes to learn it at his own expense. Need we point out that the Foreign Minister has already its liabilities in 2010, then Minister of finance, a financial scandal which would have resulted in the death policy, see prison in any democratic system. Mr. Mezouar and its Treasurer-General, Mr. Bensouda, in an exchange of good processes, are granted bonuses in the State coffers. Quite simply. The details of this transaction, giving the nausea, are accessible to the public! Mezouar justified this gap by a "common practice", using or abusing an article of the protectorate in 1949 governing the public service. Case closed. At his discharge, he has not denied the transaction, sic. It remains protected, probably for services rendered. Better, he was given the keys to defend the national cause internationally, not less. 

 As I walked in the desert, a few months ago, I met a nomad who has released me a universal trilogy which more is, while the story of the Prophet Youssef, Salvation the covers. This trilogy challenges us on what happened to our time. Meditating on derivatives linked to corruption, greed and lack of transparency, I shall relinquish this concentrate of wisdom, which applies to the above case, in this case:

 القصة النبوية ليوسف عليه السلام معروفة في القرآن حول تآمر إخوته عليه، إلخ الكريم،…

والكل يعلم أن إخوته في البئر لكي تكمل الذئاب العمل وتفترسه تركوه!  

وفعلاً اكتشفته الذئاب في الليل وهي تلتهث فرحاً بالغنيمة… لكن الذئاب لها قوانين وأولهم أنها تطيع خالقها!

و هاكذا أوقفهم في الحين رئيس العصابة قائلا:

قفوا، لا تمسوا هذا المخلوق، إنه نبي، ولو نحن ذئاب مفترسة، لن يكتب علينا الله أن نمس نبياً ولو نعيش زمنٍ سيأتى وتضهر فيه ثلاثة علامات:

1.  الحق يعود مدسوس

2.  و الشرع يعود فلوس

5 h  والكراسي تجلس عليهم اللصوص

In french:

The story of Prophet Yusuf, that salvation covers, is known and is narrated in the Qur'aan about the conspiracy framed by his brothers, etc.

Everyone knows that his brothers have abandoned in the well hoping that wolves complete work and devour it!

Actually, wolves have discovered the night salivating of pleasure to discover such prey. Except that wolves obey rules and the first, is to obey God, their creator. Thus, the leader of the Pack stopped immediately with them:

"Do not touch this being, he is a prophet. Even though we are wild wolves, it will not be written on us to touch a prophet, and this even if we lived in a future period which will appear three phenomena:

  1. The truth is hidden
  2. Justice turns into money (corruption)
  3. And the thieves took the seats (power).

 Is this our time already?

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