The battle of Ladharam Sam for responsible tourism

February 6, 2006

Should you do the trial of corruption, and therefore a corrupt, or one who denounced.

The answer seems simple when you know the expectations of the public for good governance, political, administrative and judicial…

However what just happened to the tribunal of Zagora on Friday, February 3, 2006 shows, if necessary is that there's a long way to go still, despite the good intentions. Back to the facts:

Dr. Labbas Sbai, originating from me hamid and having dual Moroccan and Switzerland, was arrested on Thursday, February 2 on the orders of the King's Prosecutor, Mr LAZHARI Abdelaziz, imprisoned and brought to court Friday to 15:00, found in an expeditious manner, without any preparation of his defence nor access to the folder. In months of an hour it was recognized guilty of contempt of court, cause disorder in a public place, etc., and sentenced to 6 months in prison firm, applicable suite. Transferred, with means worthy of the master of a criminal, handcuffed and escorted with several cars of police in Ouarzazate (166 Kms). He decided to do the hunger strike, and maintained its accusations of corruption and 3 senior mafia behavior that can be supported by evidence where appropriate. He has left no opportunity to develop its arguments and sentencing fell to silence this very annoying voice. It grows back to scenarios worthy of the years of lead, in 2006 Morocco.

According to the latest news, his current physical condition is very critical. Because, in addition to the hunger strike, which is of his own will, he underwent in prison a permanent psychic disturbance to crack.

Currently, steps are taken to the Swiss authorities, since the Dr. Ladharam Sam is citizen Swiss, married to a Swiss woman and father of two children, to grasp the Moroccan authorities at the highest level on this case of a gross violation of human rights.

On the other hand the Dr. Ladharam Sam is son of a great fire resistant El Hdj Mohamed – Cheick Sbai, companion of release of fire his Majesty Mohamed V in the South (see records of the historic visit of the father of independence to me hamid El Ghozlane February 25, 1958).

Given the seriousness of the situation we want to the release of the Dr. Ladharam Sam immediately and call for his trial, so that one judge may be corruption and not one who denounces.

Please receive our respectful greetings

Dr. Ladharam Sbai support Committee



The weekly newspaper: 4-10 March 2006

As what March 2006: by Abdellatif El Azizi

A me hamid Lghizlane, Ladharam Sam, doctor and hotelier, had the audacity to denounce the authorities which tolerate, in a complicit silence, camels, cigarettes and hashish trafficking in the border zone between the Morocco and the Algeria. His "J'accuse" cost him six months in prison.

"God is great, he will do justice to the doctor!" Any Mhamid is in shock. The arrest of Dr. Labbas Sbaï has put in turmoil the small town of me hamid Lghizlane to dual nationality, Moroccan and Swiss surgeon, was arrested on Thursday, February 2, on order of
Procureur du roi in Zagora. It was presented to the tribunal and tried in a speedy trial, the next day, before to be brought to the prison of Ouarzazate, handcuffed and escorted by several cars of gendarmes, recognized guilty of contempt of court, of disorder in a public place, and sentenced to six months in prison, applicable immediately. A judgment on appeal should be pronounced incessantly in Ouarzazate while counsel is still waiting for the transfer of his client's file to be at least able to visit him in prison!

The "I acknowledge" the doctor
"I felt come the conspiracy from January 23, 2006, the date at which I presented to the Prosecutor to attend the trial of one of my employees, accused by the kingpin of me hamid of killing a donkey", says the doctor. The prosecution had first been brought against him, until the authorities do reverse to endorse one of his workers responsible for the "murder". That him do we blame this time? Officially, abusive behaviour against the magistrates. In prison, he decided to go on hunger strike. "I stand by my accusations of corruption and behavior mafia of three senior authoritarian leaders in the region," he said. Unofficially, the authorities want it to have Bared their supposed links with traffickers smuggling in all kind through the Moroccan-Algerian border. On the side of the Court of Zagora, omerta is required. People are afraid to talk about what they call "a dirty business".

The doctor, who has abandoned a prestigious career as a surgeon in Switzerland to set up and develop a hotel structure in his native region, is therefore guilty of uttering a "J'accuse" obnoxious. It wants local authorities to let. In fact, his enmity with the kingpin and the Attorney was specifically in nearly three years, when the extent of the traffic begins to harm. Indeed, according to the testimony of an officer of the auxiliary forces, "for more than three years, a band of nomads arose of who knows where, settled around the bivouac of the doctor, located 50 km from me hamid, a few kilometers from the Algerian border." These nomads harass tourists who come down there and physically assaulted several times the camp staff".

"Our oasis is located not far from the Algerian border, sadly an important passage for all traffic of contraband (cigarettes, camels, hashish…). Sam recently was very worried about the situation, and feared for the safety of tourists and our customers,"said its Swiss associate, Laurence – Humbert Bajracharya. What is the reality of these accusations?

The origin of the contraband
Understand and describe the phenomenon of trafficking in any genre that knows the area, to return to the difficult years. With successive droughts, Affairs were not particularly good for fellahs and from many individuals, outcasts of neighboring tribes, themselves are converted back into traffic. Jamal Agkbib, president of the Association of friends of Zagora, the rise of smuggling is a direct consequence of the misery prevailing in the region. "Drought has pushed people to look for ways to survive, the less scrupulous took the party engage in smuggling".
Except that today ' today and the view of many officials, the phenomenon is currently exceed the regional framework: of cigarette smuggling, theft of camels and hashish which crosses the border to the Algeria, in reverse brewing too large sums of money for the ambitions of the nomads who often just little. "Cry last all-terrain vehicles, large motorcycles and cell phones that are often seized on the smugglers, prove that this region is becoming a true rear base for well-organized mafias", recalls a Constable who has left the area. It seems that the traffic limited to theft of camels and driven initially by a few local tribes, a foot at the Morocco and the other in Algeria, is becoming totally uncontrollable. As farmers, repeated their camel theft puts them in an intolerable situation.

A social malaise settled
Sitting on his mat in front of a mud House that smells musty, Haj Ali sighs at the mention of his camels. He confided in the rustle of the leaves of Palm trees, that he had repeatedly to mobilize, despite his age, to beat campaign and regain track of his beasts, stolen three times by bandits in the region. "The irony is that not only I managed to regain my camels which were forwarded towards Ouarzazate to be sold but I also transmitted to the police the names of the authors of the flight. Are you that they passed the Court of Zagora and were released with two months suspended prison sentence each! "." Another owner, terrorized at the idea of talking to a reporter, prefers to tell the locals daily, peasants dispossessed of their scarce resources and forced to live in the boondocks rather than emigrate to Smara as all the others. Today, to defend their camels and sometimes even their lives, farmers feel caught between two fires, the ferocity, huge means of smugglers and the silent complicity of authorities when not outright threats of the kingpin of the corner. "Me hamid is becoming a true wild West", comments a teacher who did not return home to see a beautiful region and people also peaceful in prey to this ambient uncertainty.

For his part, Dr. Sbaï who is languishing behind the bars of the prison of Ouarzazate thought fulfilled its duty of honest citizen stressing to the authorities so that they operate on behalf of justice, before the situation became uncontrollable. He has even suppliées them, told them how much their silence is fishy. But it's the secrets that it is not good to be surprised. "Instead of doing the corruption trial, and therefore corrupt, it preferred to the trial of those who denounced" indignant his brother Ali, a physicist of international renown working in Geneva on behalf of the United Nations.

In the meantime, the inhabitants of me hamid who valiantly and spontaneously repelled attacks by mercenaries from the Polisario in 1980 engaged in bare-knuckle their final battle against the mafia of camels. It is rumored that uniforms of any hair that crisscross the region fill the pockets of a blatantly taking a dime at the crossing. Still should be able to prove it!

Traffic. Borders-ghosts

It is 30 km from me hamid, who was in the 16th century the point of rallying with Timbuktu, stand the invisible invisible between the Algeria and the Morocco border limits because the meagre strength of soldiers who squat border posts spaced at tens of kilometres can control anything. The border is a real sieve and we often meet nomads and camel-drivers that come and go on both sides with ease. When the political climate between the Morocco and the Algeria is not the beautiful fixed, cameleers refrain from crossing the sand dunes but their camels, they are deprived hardly. "When the drought is too strong, we loose the camels which, guided by the instinct of survival, do not hesitate to pass on the other side, looking for the slightest vegetation" comments a camel in the region which adds that once satiated, the beasts are back in the reverse path, which does not prevent the Rguibat across the border to do the same with their animals.

Source: Telquel

Surprise and confusion!

Following a national and international mobilization intense, including the intervention of Amnesty International, Dr. Ladharam Sam was released on 10 March 2006, the prison of Ouarzazate. However, the conditions for this release have not been clear, because Dr. Ladharam Sam wanted a true trial of the corruption of justice in Zagora, the source of the problem, and it naturally refused to sign the request for clemency, arguing the fact that if one shushes his case it does not solve the very current issue of corruption of the Prosecutor in Zagora personifying the climax of this scourge in the eyes of the entire population in this region and can be throughout the country.

This release was a sham respite: he will be arrested again June 11 in Casablanca to purge a balance of penalty, 4 year old and a half. The injustice is intractable to silence a voice too annoying!

History of the struggle of Dr. Labbas SBAI good governance to the Morocco

Geneva on August 3, 2010

Release of the support Committee for the release of Dr. Ladharam SBAI

Hi all

Dr. Labbas SBAI comes to be released from the prison hospital of Ouarzazate Pavilion, after one month and 22 days in detention and a hunger strike for the past June 17!

What a relief. But what questions also!

Before analyzing hot we just live, our thoughts go out to him for what he has suffered for his courage and dignity and finally, more importantly, for what he has denounced that, alas, remains topical with a Prosecutor in Zagora personifying, excessive, that Morocco, we love all, must avoid. Is better in combat!

Because it all started from there, four years ago. Worse, denounced in 2006 worsened in the month son and the role of the Prosecutor became central to what is known as: a collision with something disturbing flights of camels and trafficking of all kinds, including drugs. The State must take action. There interviewing victims in this region and adequate and transparent investigations to identify the complaisance, see complicities. Dr. Labbas SBAI and others make that call to the respect and application of the basic principles to combat these plagues ravaging the Morocco today.

 Thank you for your support and your listening.

Support Committee for the release of Dr. Ladharam SBAI


* The Attorney Natasha was transferred to Nancy for a year. It continues to crack down and use! What a shame for justice in our country

See also:

"Asked the spokesperson for victims to request an apology… and the victims to remain silent." … Except when the case takes on international proportions…

The moral of this story: the sorcerer's apprentice, who have long believed in the triumph of the lie, are caught by the facts!

In this story, the Attorney Al Azhari, the Court of first instance in Zagora, symbolizes all derivatives of justice to the Morocco:

Corruption, trafficking of influences, protection of traffickers, abuse of power,… etc. Feeling untouchable thanks to a privileged relationship with a senior official in Rabat, he did suffer arbitrary largest Zagora region at the level of justice since independence. Now he is posted to Roumani, near Rabat. We wish that with the new judicial authorities, it will closely monitor it…

August 3, 2010

Epilogue: at 10.00, release of Dr. Ladharam Sam. Issuance and questions!

Article in the newspaper Le Temps, July 19, 2010

31.07 – 3.08: human shields (the sisters) around Dr Ladharam Sam to prevent his transfer to the prison or to Marrakech!

July 19, 2010

The journalist Valérie De Graffenried wrote an article in the newspaper Le Temps:

"Imprisoned in Ouarzazate, a Switzerland screams injustice. See:

The Federal Department of foreign (DFA) ensures follow the case closely. The Switzerland Ambassador in Rabat confirmed that a visit to the prisoner of an official of the Embassy will take place Friday, July 23, 2010.

July 17, 2010

An official of Amnesty International (AI) in London, Samira boy, contact Dr. Ladharam Sam by telephone. His brother had forwarded the file to have on June 15, 2010. Actions of have are expected these days, including pressure on the Moroccan justice in many treat the prisoner and contribute to a quick release… HAVE is in contact with the family of the victim and her support Committee.


July 16, 2010

Dr. Labbas Sbaï sent a letter to the Switzerland Ambassador to Rabat, the Hospital where he is admitted, under supervision, since July 8. In this letter, he recalls the facts and highlights the arbitrary conditions of his arrest and inconsistent reasons given by justice officials and advance the real reasons that led to gag it! The collusion of the big traffickers and local officials. All to silence a voice that bothers!


July 15, 2010

Things are starting to move:

The Swiss newspaper thetime and Amnesty International took the case. They get in touch with loved ones and conduct their investigations. It seems that this is actually a case of opinion which is part of the human rights. The fact that he is a citizen Switzerland adds extra pressure!


July 14, 2010

Amnesty International contacted the brother of the victim, Ali Sbaï, on the basis of the record sent June 15, 2010. According to their account, this case falls within their priorities in the region.


Still the disturbing silence of the Switzerland Embassy awaiting a prison form to act, the management of the prison has been slow to provide. What vicious, while croupisse a prisoner of conscience in jail!


July 8, 2010

After medical examination, it was decided to keep it at the Hospital since July 8. However, he continued his strike of hunger, under medical supervision, fortunately.

July 7, 2010

Seen the dramatic evolution of the State of health of Dr. L. Sbai. It is only yesterday on 6 July it received at the hospital after more than 25 days in prison in deplorable conditions: the prisoner of conscience and human rights activist must share his cell with a score of common law prisoners in a heat of 30 to 40 degrees! This is unacceptable!

June 15 – July 20, 2010:

Authorities are dispatched police and army reinforcements to me hamid to deter people from manifest. What impressed not nomadic, admirable women of courage and dignity outside the tent camped before the me Caidat hamid (see photos and video of the event on 26 June). On the poster carried by women: the inhabitants of me hamid ask for the release of Dr. Labbas Sbai and not to arbitrary justice! On the video, we see an intifada of young people investing the entrance to Caidat (Prefecture) of me hamid.

Since June 15, in a show of solidarity without prior and in a continuous manner, the population of me hamid organised a sit-in led by youth from me hamid (much of graduates unemployed of a forgotten region!). Calls for the release of Dr. L. Sbai and good governance, administrative and judicial are claimed. This gathering has enabled the collection of the grievances of the population of this area victim of the theft of camels, trafficking of all kinds, faults of justice… All point finger corruption personified by the Prosecutor, Abdelaziz Natasha, who is at the origin of the imprisonment of one of their own: Dr. Ladharam Sam for having denounced aloud what everyone thinks any bottom.

This trend began with flights of camels, fueling drug trafficking and marginalizing the Hamada du Draa nomads!

Currently, he is in Ouarzazate prison hunger strike and his family faces enormous pressure to make he signed a request for clemency to the High Council of Justice which can lead or not to lead. Aware that this maneuver is intended to cover a Prosecutor (he enjoys it seems powerful support in Rabat) and a real willingness to release.

June 15, 2010

A call transmitted to Amnesty International, the Human Rights Council, in Geneva, the national and international press and the institutions and NGOs working for good governance in the Morocco.

This call is entitled:

"Should it be the trial of corruption or the trial and those who denounce the? ''

Support Committee for Dr. Ladharam Sam good governance of justice in the Morocco.

June 13, 2010: A tenacious injustice!

Four years later, the Crown Procurator in Zagora launches an arrest warrant against Dr. Ladharam Sam who is arrested at the hotel Azur in Casablanca and transferred to the prison in Ouarzazate, as a simple criminal. Explanation of the Ouarzazate to Dr. Sbai Prosecutor: you still had not signed the request for clemency that you was presented March 10, 2006 (4 years instead!). Sign here and we closed the case, otherwise you do the balance in jail immediately.

Faithful to its principles, Dr. Ladharam Sbai said calmly to the Prosecutor: "if I've not signed him four years ago, I won't do it now, the reasons for my denunciation of corruption are still current. It is the Prosecutor in Zagora to request an apology to an innocent and answer for his actions to his superiors. So, I stand by my refusal. Locked up immediately.

He is right Dr Ladharam Sbai refuse to ask for an apology. In this fight now, it has the support of the population, law, and Justice for good administrative governance and judicial in the Kingdom attacking head-on the scourge of corruption, particularly those of judges. This fight is timely and we are all behind Dr. Ladharam Sam and those, anonymous, and many suffering derivatives of those who confuse: serve and serve to the Morocco of today.


Le Temps newspaper: July 19, 2010


See the link:

Time July 19, 2010 by Valérie De GRAFFENRIED

Imprisoned in the Morocco, a Switzerland screams injustice

Valérie de Graffenried

The family of Ladharam Sbai, Moroccan citizen and Switzerland, denounced arbitrary detention. The surgeon accused of the notables of his region to protect traffickers. The FDFA is following the case. But being binational Corsica folder

The life of Dr. Labbas Sbaï does not really resemble a long quiet river. This binational Moroccan and Swiss worked for several years as surgeon in French-speaking Switzerland, then departed in 1996 developing a hotel structure to me hamid Lghizlane, an oasis of the Sahara Moroccan. There are today in jail in Ouarzazate to pointing the finger a complicity between authorities of the region and traffickers. His family denounced arbitrary detention. And the federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) provides follow the case closely.

Ladharam Sam is in prison since June 13. But its difficulties date back to 2006. In February of this year, he is sentenced to six months in prison for contempt of magistrate and disorder in a public place. At the trial of one of its employees accused by a nomad of the death of a donkey, the man denounced notables in the region, including the Attorney of the province of Zagora, for closing its eyes to the activities of the underworld of the corner engaged in camel, cigarettes, and drugs at the border between traffic. A band of nomads installed around his bivouac harassing several years tourists and its ecological camp staff. Angry by the inaction of the authorities, Ladharam Sbai, described by his family as someone with a temperament of fire, drew the attention of the president of the tribunal on "mafia behavior" of these "corrupt officials".

"Worthy of the years of lead".

His sentence provoked a strong mobilization in the region. In Switzerland also, petitions were circulated. His brother, Ali Sbaï, a physicist working in Geneva for the International Union of telecommunications (ITU), is outraged. "My brother has been treated as a criminal; He was handcuffed and escorted by several police in Ouarzazate cars. Believed to be income scenarios worthy of the years of lead", he denounced. After appeal, the penalty of Ladharam Sam has been reduced by half. Finally, the strong mobilization would have allowed the release of the surgeon March 10, 2006, in unclear circumstances.

Today, Ladharam Sbai, married to a Swiss woman and father of two children, is back in prison. "To purge the balance of punishment", said his brother, who does not décolère. He was arrested June 11 in a hotel in Casablanca. The Attorney of Zagora justified the arrest by the fact that he has not signed a request for grace to the King that it was submitted on 10 March 2006. Gold Ladharam Sam considers that it is for the Prosecutor to apologize and not to him to sign a document which, in fact, would be to admit his wrong. Back to the prison so.

"It should theoretically remain in prison until August 2. But, judging her arbitrary arrest, we fear that his detention is prolonged,"said Ali Sbaï. It adds: "even if my brother, which is nothing other than a prisoner of conscience, is released, it is important for us that the complaints of me hamid are taken seriously. '' Villagers gathered the evidence of the Attorney. I will soon pass a letter with these facts to the King." Two friends Swiss surgeon were sent, on 25 June, an 'urgent appeal' to Micheline Calmy-Rey. They say very concerned about the State of health of Ladharam Sam, which they describe as someone whose the "critical and outspoken, added to the fact that it is one of the last descendants of a nomadic tribe, and therefore considered a form of authority by the people of the desert, make it threatening to some people installed in power.

Pierre-Michel Quendoz, the alternate head of the Section of the consular protection of the FDFA, replied July 2. "It is with great commitment and determination that the stakeholders follow this matter closely", he wrote to them. He added, however, that representations abroad may carry out activities of lawyers, or pronounce on the innocence or guilt of a person. And not to interfere in routine legal Affairs of their host country. "Consular protection is even more difficult to be granted when the persons concerned are dual nationals and that the nationality of the country of detention is considered paramount, as is the case in this case," he added.

Despite this obstacle, the Embassy of Switzerland in Rabat is in regular telephone contact with the competent authorities on the spot, Ladharam Sam and his relatives. Friday, in an email sent to a friend of Ladharam Sam, the Vice-Consul of the Swiss mission ensures that "its State concern actually. And advised that a representative of the Embassy will move "soon" in Ouarzazate for him to visit. A village where mobilization is still significant: according to Assabah newspaper, 250 police officers are deployed the week last to contain the demonstrators.

Ladharam Sbai, him, just write to the Ambassador of Switzerland. It does not go well. Ali Sbaï: "he is in hospital and is still leading a hunger strike. He know that if he was again transferred to jail, where he shares a cell with a score of common law prisoners, he would stop drinking."



For having denounced the trafficking of cocaine and arms in southeastern Morocco, Ladharam Dr. Sam was imprisoned in 2006 and 2010. Passing through Switzerland, the surgeon, reconverted in eco-tourism, recalls that the wind of revolt that shakes the Muslim world began in October last in Western Sahara. Clashes between Moroccan forces and Saharawi activists have left several dead.

A few months ago, Ummah had met to me hamid, at the border between the Morocco and Algeria, the surgeon of 54 years, citizen Moroccan and Swiss. He came out of prison. His crime? That of having denounced tirelessly for a decade trafficking at the border. Smuggling of camels to cigarettes, hashish, it is substituted that of cocaine, from South America into Europe by poorly maintained tracks. These mafias are benefiting from the complicity of politicians, officials, military ranks, denounces Ladharam Sam.

For these charges, the doctor was imprisoned twice for "contempt of court" and "disorder in a public place. Passing through Switzerland (his wife is Swiss German), the surgeon, who worked in Lausanne, Fribourg, Bern, gave us an interview. From a Sahrawi family, Ladharam Sam does not militate the POLISARIO. His father, recalls, was a close associate of King Mohammed v. However, he denounces the policy currently pursued by the Morocco in Western Sahara. The Kingdom, he warns, is not immune to the revolt currently blowing on the Muslim world.

The doctor Labbas Sbaï in 2010 to his release from prison

You do not belong to the Polisario. However, you are very critical of the attitude of Morocco in Western Sahara.

Before the Tunisia and Egypt, the first peaceful protests in the Muslim world took place in the desert, near El-Ayoun, the capital of Western Sahara. More than 15,000 Sahrawis were installed from October 12 in a tent camp. They were violently evacuated by Moroccan forces. The clashes have been several deaths and hundreds of injuries on November 8. By sending tanks, planes, against civilians, the Morocco has lost any chance to find a peaceful outcome to the Sahara. These are the most serious disorders since 1975.

Yet you are not for the independence of Western Sahara?

I'm Moroccan, but I have family in Western Sahara, as I have family to the Polisario. I think that Mohamed VI could save the situation by immediately applying an autonomy plan. It has not done so.

Do you fear you are being accused of being close to the Polisario?

In Morocco, as soon as you criticize the system, you immediately suspected to be either leftist, Islamist, or for the independence of Western Sahara. It's a way for the power of veiling the face and did not seek to tackle the real problems.
You accuse the authorities of the province of Zagora to close our eyes on cocaine trafficking.

I returned for a decade in this region to highlight the oasis of Oum Laalag, which belongs to my family, and to develop eco-tourism in the desert. I soon discovered in this region, close to the Algerian border, mafias came elsewhere. They engage in cocaine trafficking. The drug from South America, is landed in Agadir, it crosses South of Morocco of the Algeria, and since the Libya, back in Italy. It is a road very few monitored. These mafias have bought complicity at the highest level in the region of Zagora.

Is the King aware?

I talked to some of his advisers, I gave them names. But nothing is happening. On the other hand, I was threatened many times, including by members of my own family working for traffickers. My wife and my two children are in Switzerland, they want more come to me hamid and Umm Laalag. I'm not afraid to repeat that members, prosecutors, military work for the drug barons. This is why I was thrown in jail twice. Fortunately, people have come to demonstrate to support me during my hunger strike.

Could the situation fester?

There are alliances between these drug mafias and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. There's not that cocaine transiting this area but also weapons. Public opinion ignores it, but we sometimes discover weapons caches in the Moroccan desert. Soldiers were killed in clashes. But all this remains hidden. The press is muzzled. I fear that terrorists come remove tourists in this region. It would be a disaster. Hotels Brawl, tens of thousands of workers would be left without work. And since the Morocco, undermined by corruption, is very fragile, anything can happen…

Interview by Ian Hamel


Index: MDE 29/017/2010

Date: July 29, 2010

Morocco: Clarify the legal status of Dr. Sam Laabas'

Amnesty International has urged the Moroccan government to clarify the legal status of Dr. Sam Laabas', who has been on hunger strike since two days after his arrest on 11 June 2010, apparently under an arrest warrant issued against him in 2006. He is currently being held at a hospital in Ouarzazet, where his health is reported to be deteriorating as a result of his hunger strike.

The arrest of Dr. Sam ' in Casablanca on June 11, 2010 is believed to be connected to his prosecution and imprisonment in 2006 on charges of insult and libel of the judiciary and public officials arising from remarks he made when he appeared as a witness in a case in which one of his employees was being prosecuted. As a result of his remarks, he is reported to have been charged with insulting officials and libel by the General Crown Prosecutor of Zagora. He is reported to have been arrested on 2 February 2006 and, before the end of that day, tried, convicted and sentenced to a six month prison term while being denied time to consult a lawyer or prepare his defence. The Zagora appeal court subsequently confirmed his conviction, despite the serious procedural irregularities that had occurred, but cut his sentence by half. He went on hunger strike in protest and his imprisonment prompted wide criticism in Morocco and internationally. He was released a few weeks later, on 10 March 2006, when he says he was told by an official that he had benefited from a Royal Pardon issued by Morocco's head of state, King Mohammed VI. However, he received no. written notification confirming this.

It is unclear why Dr. Sam ' was rearrested on June 11, 2010 and the Moroccan authorities have yet to clarify this. It appears that they are seeking to enforce the prison sentence imposed upon him in 2006 despite the Royal Pardon which, he was told, was the reason for his release in March 2006.

According to as yet unconfirmed reports, Dr. Sbai' has complained to the authorities on several occasions about alleged criminal activities and smuggling in me hamid el-Ghezlan, a region located in the south-east of Morocco in which he has been involved in developing ecotourism and other projects, and has accused the authorities of failing to investigate and take action against armed bandits and smugglers in the area. If so, this may have been a factor in his latest arrest. Women involved in development projects in me hamid el-Ghezlan are reported to have held sit-in protests against Dr. Sam's arrest and imprisonment earlier this month.  

In a letter to Minister of Justice Mohamed Naciri, Amnesty International called for clarification of the reasons and legal basis for the re-arrest of Dr. Laabas Sam ' and for confirmation that he was the subject of a Royal Pardon when previously imprisoned in 2006.

If his imprisonment is not directly related to the sentence imposed on him in 2006, Dr. Sbai' should be released immediately unless he is to be brought to trial promptly and fairly – including with due time and legal assistance to prepare his defence – on recognizable criminal charges.

Amnesty International – MENA program
1 Easton Street, London WC1X0DW United Kingdom

Al Itihad, the 19.07.2010




Release June 10, 2010


Me m'hamid El Ghizlane: after smuggling, theft of camels

Me m'hamid El Ghizlane: after smuggling, theft of camels

 The border area of me m'hamid El Ghizlane is a region conducive to illegal activities. After trafficking of fuel, cigarettes, cannabis resin which could threaten the stability of the region, here came the time of flight organized camel. Both accused were referred to the tribunal of Zagora, in the context of a complaint filed by a young tourist promoter in the region that has lost four of its camel Monday.
The alleged thief is well known in the region for his repetitive actions. A history of laptops, binoculars luxury and other small materials unveiled the nature of the last flight which will certainly not be the only mischief, given the flexibility and the laxity with which authorities deal with these issues. Note also the lack of evidence, and sometimes the night passage across the border, things that reassure thieves.
Life of the desert revolves in the trust and solidarity. In the ancient nomadic tribes, the flight was considered a serious crime against the survival of the group. Suddenly, the animals are often left free to come and go within a perimeter bounded under the supervision of the shepherds; Sometimes, they go further… But there is always someone to find them. This is how it works. But the thieves who are rampant in the region, also know the desert. What will be these stolen camels? As the case may be, their destiny is variable: marks of the owner may be camouflaged, and beasts conducted in another area to be resold. If they are not valuable, or the thief does not want to take risks, the beasts will land on the stall of a butcher.
In fact, the victim, Lamptey, who had just a few days previously received the Queen Sofia of Spain which is mounted on a stolen camels, is not an isolated case. Many families are deprived of their animals, herds sometimes, and thus condemned to a precarious settlement and without resources.
The culprits… rarely punished. A few months in prison, at most. "It is not simply four camels that are missing from the call, but four camels too, the straw that broke the camel, if one wants to say", commented Lahcen who is afraid that "his trial followed in other cases of the same kind".
In the region of Mhamid El Ghizlane, one speaks of a true mafia and an international network. They are old shepherds, lookouts, informants, carriers, dealers, butchers, as many people involved. Camels are covered, but they are not the only ones: cows, sheep, goats are also appreciated by thieves.

Letter to the delegate Minister of the Interior, remained unanswered. To get his attention on the deficiencies of some officials, the caïd Ali Bouksim and Natasha, apparently intouvchables Attorney:

March 7, 2013

Your Excellency, Minister delegate to the Interior,

Recent events have confirmed the content of my previous posts, concerning traffic in the region of me hamid and their consequences on the security of the State and citizens in this region.

One of the main leaders of this scourge, Mr. Ait El Kaid Lahcen, said Jerome OUSSEHLOU, was arrested in Goulimine, a few weeks ago. He is the author of the murder of Mr Lahcen BEIHI, December 30, 2012 to Taba, in the province of Errachidia, to silence a troublesome witness. The victim worked indoors as Mensah, it seems. According to several sources, it was the 4th victim of this great dealer. It all started with the flight of camels, in 2003-2004. Has El Kaid Lamptey and his band have decimated the herd of camels of the poor nomads in the region, to feed their drug trafficking.

To understand this incredible story, one must go back to June 2004. The facts:

  1. A vigilance committee led by brother L. Sam was created in early 2004, to track down the thieves of camels and denounce them to the authorities.
  2. June 10, 2004, vigilant members identified Ait El Kaid Lahcen with two accomplices and their motorbikes, near Iriqui, 100 km west of me hamid, trying to steal a herd of camels. Stalking in motorcycles continued until me hamid, early in the morning around 4:00. Has El Kaid Lamptey was able to take refuge with relatives and to throw a gun and bullets before entering to me hamid.
  3. My brother immediately alerted the Adjutant of gendarmerie, Subashini at 6:00 in the morning, 11 June 2004. It has confirmed that it has found the bullets (they were spread out on his desk!), but not the rifle, seems (?).
  4. L. Sam lobbied on the warrant officer Ahansal so he denounces this dealer and possession of weapons, to Attorney Natasha in Zagora. Noting that this is a grave precedent for the security of the region and the quietude of the inhabitants.
  5. Has El Kaid Lahcen, actually, was arrested and handed over by Wo Subashini to Attorney Natasha in Zagora.
  6. Surprise, the Prosecutor held that the conduct of motorcycle without paper and released him after a few weeks.
  7. L. Sam alerted the Governor Biognache for this breach of justice, in vain. It made him realize that the Attorney Natasha is untouchable (he is a powerful man in Rabat's friend!)
  8. Caïd Ali Bouksim has openly expressed its hostility to Dr. L. Sbai and its support for the Prosecutor and did everything to cover-up Ait El Kaid Lamptey.
  9. Attorney Natasha and the kingpin Bouksim decided to avert the danger of Dr. L. Sbai by all means.
  10. February 2, 2006, this plan began with the arrest and imprisonment of Dr. L. Sbai. Subsequently, known: L. Sbai expressed the Tribunal that everyone knew and feared:

If we attack now this traffic of camel and cigarettes, it is drug trafficking and weapons that will follow, pointing the finger the Attorney of Zagora and the kingpin of me hamid in their laxity, see their complicity.

  1. By stifling the first case Ait El Kaid Lahcen June 11, 2004, these officials have allowed this serious drift towards the current situation.
  2. The flight of camels continued and all persons arrested or condemned have been freed or detained for a few weeks, just enough time for that they thank the Attorney Natasha, for services rendered. Several cases have been suppressed, the list is long, until the Attorney Natasha is transferred to Roumani, near Rabat (wishing that closely monitors and that it confronts him in Ait El Kaid Lahcen!). As the Bouksim kingpin, he promised Tata Pasha!
  3. November 22, 2012, 10 traffickers with 1.7 ton of drugs, in a caravan of camels, were arrested by the Algerian authorities (see message before sent on 10 December). Current case…
  4. As vigilant citizens, and education that we have received from our father, said Mohamed Sheikh Sam, to serve our country and its higher interests, we invite you to examine this case symbolizing both derivatives these past years, with objectivity and firmness. Our new constitution invites all citizens to engage in judicial, administrative and environmental governance in a State of law and not officials are attributing all rights.

Knowing your integrity and your ethics for this good governance, we have confidence that this message will have an objective and effective follow-up.

Cordial greetings

Dr. Ali SBAI


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